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You can be the friend with all the thriving plants.

Curated greenery for every room,
plant care made easy.

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Part interior design service

Hortihop is a remote design service for the plant-curious. We pick the best plants for you and deliver 'em straight to your door.

Part matchmaker

We partner with local plant shops to source all of our plants and planters. When you hire Hortihop, you're helping a local business thrive. Boo-ya!

Part wellness guide

We'll come water your plants, teach you how to care for them, and answer your questions through our "Help, It's Dying!" hotline. You won't be alone, we promise.


How to Get Started

Sun-drenched windowsill with many potted and hanging plants

1. Take the Plant Quiz to be paired with a Hortihop horticulturist 🌱

The quiz where everybody gets an A+
Potted and hanging plants in front of a radiator cover

2. Pay the Design Fee 🤝

Starting at $59 per room for us to make all the hard decisions for ya.
Plants on a desk, in desk drawers, and on a shelving unit in the corner of an apartment unit

3. Let your horticulturist-designer work their magic ✨

Your horticulturist will present you with a selection of plants and planters curated just for you. All on a silver platter*!

*Silver platter may not come with all orders.
Plants on a decorative ladder leaning against a wall next to a dresser

4. Welcome your plants home 🏠

We're bringing you the goods: plants, care guide, and more.
Potted plants on a tray sat atop a windowsill with sun pouring through sheer curtains

5. Schedule your first Plantsitting care appointment 💦🪴

Nervous to be a new plant parent and want a pro to teach you how it's done? Going away on vacation and need a sitter to water your plants? Just want to hire a pro to do it all for ya? We got you. Book "Plantsitting" under the "Plant Care" section of our menu for a member of our team to fulfill your every plant wish.

Gonna need our help on the reg? Join the Hortihop Community Membership for only $6 per month and get special member pricing for our Plantsitting service and access to our "Help, It's Dying!" hotline (for every burnt leaf and burning question).


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