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Plant Corner

The interior of Plant Corner with many varieties of plants aesthetically placed on shelving unit with name of store on wall above the shelves

The Team

Jira, founder


Manhattan's Harlem


August 2021

Name & Name

Outline of a woman hugging a potted plant, framed by two other potted plants

Who We Are

Plant Corner started out of the corner of my apartment during the pandemic. I was growing my plant collection and was getting into rare plants, which are often expensive and difficult to find, and I found out that my cousin in Thailand (where I’m from) actually grows them as a hobby. He had lost his job during COVID, and we thought, let’s do this together! I started importing the plants and taking care of them. I'd had maybe three succulents before , but soon that grew to two hundred plants all in the corner of my apartment! Then, I saw this space open up two doors down from my apartment with these big, flow-through, East-facing windows, and I thought, this is perfect.
Outline of a light bulb framed by two potted plants

What Inspires Us

Like many people, I really got into plants during the pandemic. I was a teacher then, and I remember one day I was wiping my fiddle leaf, and I thought, I could do this all day! The more plants I collected, the happier I became.
Outline of two hands planting a seedling in soil, framed by two potted plants

A Typical Workday

If it’s a watering day, it's a lot of watering. I probably have a couple thousand plants in here. We spray our plants with insecticide, fungicide, and bio-protectant once a week. A lot of the time in the day is also spent chatting to customers. I wanted to build a store where people can come in, take a seat, and just chat about plants. I wanted to build that family and community. People often come in to ask me for advice and don't even buy plants – and that's okay, too! Oh, and it’s also a lot of paperwork and unpacking and ordering, and also running the website and Instagram, too.
Outline of a head with stars at the back of the head, framed by two potted plants

Favorite Plant-Related Memory

We used to have this boy who is really knowledgeable about plants come in quite often. I remember, when I was still painting the walls and bringing in plants, he saw the store from outside the window and asked if he could come in. He was in sixth grade at the time. He continued stopping in once every couple of weeks or so, and every time he did, I was so impressed: he is so passionate about everything, and I’m pretty sure he knows more about plants than I do!
Outline of a person lecturing at a lectern, framed by two potted plants

#1 Plant Tip

You do need to research your plants. Most people hope that they can just water a plant once a week and then the plant will be good, but you have to know your plants. Even if you only have one or two plants, you should know where they're from and what their natural environment is. That's the only way to keep your plants healthy and happy. But it's a learning process, and if you kill a plant, that's also part of your learning process.
Outline of a bi-directional sign indicating a crossroads, framed by two potted plants

Best Life Advice

Don't take anything too seriously, especially things that are out of your control.
Outline of a map with location pointers on it, framed by two potted plants

Favorite Neighborhood Spots

There's an Indian restaurant that's really good on 122nd and Malcom X Blvd. It's called Indian Summer. We also usually go to a Mexican place on 113th and Malcom X called Los Tres Charros.