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Need a vacation? We can help.

Our Plant Care services were designed with your comfort in mind. That's why one of our favorite offers is our Plantsitting service. We'll come to your home and make sure your plants are all happy and healthy. Because everyone deserves a vacation. And that's just one of the awesome services we provide. Join the Hortihop Community and you'll get discounted rates on our whole Plant Care suite.

Lifelong learner? Right this way!

Our Community is a place to learn and grow together. Hortihop Community Members enjoy access to Hortihop's "Help, It's Dying!" Emergency Email Hotline and exclusive blog & video content. We'll be there for you, whether it's to guide you through the scary parts of plant parenting or just to nerd out with you about how freakin' cool nature is.

When Basic Just Isn't Enough

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Hortihop Basic

Plant Care Guides

Every Hortihop client is provided with a detailed plant care guide.

Hortihop Email Newsletter

All are welcome to sign up for the Hortihop newsletter (coming soon!).

Select Events at our Local Partner Shops

Think: practicing yoga surrounded by plants or paint-a-pot evenings.

Basic Blog & Video Access

Limited access to Hortihop educational blog & video content (coming soon!).

Plantsitting Service

Full-price access to Hortihop's plantsitting service. (This one's really popular!)
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Hortihop Community Member

Plant Care Guides

Yep, we've got you covered.

Hortihop Email Newsletter

Also a yes.

"Help, It's Dying!"

Perk alert! If your plants are getting all dramatic, contact us at our "Help, It's Dying!" Emergency Hotline.

Free & Discounted Events at our Local Partner Shops

Priority access to events at our local partner shops at free and discounted rates.

Exclusive Blog & Video Content

Get our whole library of blog & video content, including exclusive goodies (coming soon!).

Discounted Rates for our Plantsitting Service

Why pay more when you can pay less? Duh.

Home Repotting Service

Don't lug your monster monstera five blocks to your local shop. Just don't. We can help.

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Hortihop Community Member

Hortihop Community Member

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Our Community is a place to learn and grow together. Hortihop Community Members enjoy access to Hortihop's "Help, It's Dying!" Emergency Email Hotlineexclusive blog and video content on our website, at-home repotting with the purchase of a new planter, free & discounted access to events at our local partner shops, and special member discounts on our plantsitting and (coming soon!) plant moving and design re-up services. All for $6/month?? Hortihop to it!

We Can Help

Whether you're going on vacation or planning a move, the last thing you have brain space to think about is plant logistics. Hortihop is the easy way to make sure you're giving those green babies their much-needed TLC even when you've got a to-do list longer than a hanging pothos 😉

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